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a natural health supplement

We're nourishing your plate and the planet

Our living microgreens are a nutrient dense super-food aimed at supporting optimal health - so simple and smart, the way nature intended.

Microgreens - Foods That Love You Back
Food as medicine

Microgreens may help restore and repair your cells and immune system.

Eating microgeeens can helps restore your vitality and life force

Microgreens are believed to support the reversal of chronic disease.

Juicing microgreens may offer the foundation of a healthy and vibrant life

Microgreens are believed be a powerful health supplement, to help restore your body's systems.

Microgreens may support anti-ageing and may slow the natural ageing process

Research has shown that microgreens have up to 40 times more nutrients than any other leafy green and vegetable.

Broccoli microgreens deliver clinically proven results

Microgreens are thought to actively help prevent and reverse chronic disease.

Microgreens might support your digestive system

Our living microgreens comprise unique enzymes including phytonutrients, to support digestion and gut health.

Food as medicine

Living microgreens are a nutrient-dense food that may help prevent and reverse chronic disease. Food is our number one tool in creating the vibrant health we deserve.

Food security into the future

We are passionate about farming and saving the planet using new sustainable tech. Our AgTech systems has enabled us to sustainably grow living microgreens to support your health, using less energy, 95% less water and no nasties of any kind.

Invest in your health: the Bio Chef Axis - the ultimate lifestyle juicer

The Bio Chef Axis; the ultimate lifestyle juicer, affordably at only $359.

The Bio Chef Axis is compact and super versatile, it is what we call the complete “living-foods kitchen machine” and it will quickly become an integral part of your daily health and wellness regime.

The Bio Chef Axis is the perfect juicer for the avid health-enthusiast, and is able to make detox-quality cold pressed juices, healthy purees, dips and baby foods, nut butters, raw food treats and pure fruit sorbets and much more.

The ultimate juicer for microgreen, vegetables and fibrous greens like wheatgrass.

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Your living microgreen stockists

Our goal is to get your microgreen to the Gold Coast and Brisbane as soon as border restrictions allow. In the meantime, find your microgreen in the Byron Shire at these progressive stockists.

We supply 1 in 10 punnets to the Byron Bay Homeless Shelter

How to care for your microgreens at home

Get the most out of your living-food microgreens, with this quick care guide. Follow these simple instructions on how to take care of your microgreens. You can expect a 10 days shelf life, typical of most produce if kept in your fridge.

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