How to care for your microgreens

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We want you to get the most out of your Living-Food Microgreens, so we wrote this quick care guide for you. If you follow a few simple instructions on how to take care of your Microgreens, you can expect a 7 -10 days shelf life which is typical of most produce if kept in your fridge.

Why a Living-Food

Yes, there are significant benefits to eating Microgreens as soon as they are cut. That’s why I grow living Microgreens instead of selling pre-harvested Microgreens in plastic clamshell containers or plastic bags.  It’s a known fact that all vegetables begin to lose nutrients once cut from their roots. Living Microgreens provide all of the vitamins and minerals that mother nature intended you to have.

How To Care For Your Microgreens

Keep them cool

Microgreens like to be kept cool. Between 2 to 4 degrees C. is optimal. It’s best to keep them in the vegetable crisper.

Keep them out of sunlight

Microgreens do not like direct sunlight or counter tops, get them in to the fridge as soon as you get home!

No need to water

There is no need to water your Microgreens, they come with enough moisture to keep them happy, vibrant and full of life force in your fridge for up to 6 -10 days.

Harvest when you are ready to eat

Wait to harvest until just before you’re going to eat them. Your Microgreens are perfectly happy in the fridge as a living-food in its protective hamper. The longer you can wait to harvest before eating the better.

Harvest with a sharp tool, knife or scissors

Use a sharp pair of scissors or a kitchen knife. It can be tempting to just pull them straight out of the hemp mat with your hands, but that will bruise your greens and the it’s best not to eat the roots.

Rinse them with care

It’s a good idea to rinse your Microgreens carefully before eating them, just like any vegetable, Microgreens can bruise easily, so please handled with care.

It’s all compostable

Please dispose of the hemp growing mat and all your packaging in your home compost.

What is that white fuzzy stuff at the base of the stems?

This is, by far, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. The short answer is, it’s not mold. The white fuzzy stuff is called micro root hairs, a normal horticultural phenomenon with Microgreens. Plants use these microscopic hairs to wick up moisture to feed. With proper care, your microgreens should not develop mold or rot. If mold does appear, it will show up as a small ball of slimy fuzz higher and closer to the leaves of the microgreens. Stem rot is typically brown and slimy and occurs at the base of the pad. You can easily identify when your Microgreens are beginning to spoil.