Founder Feature: Elle Astrup, Foods That Love You Back

Elle Astrup is a change-maker in the business of making nutrient dense food affordable, accessible and understood. Her company, Foods That Love You Back, grows and markets microgreens and aims to educate about the medicinal qualities of food. Born in Norway and eventually landing in Byron Bay, Elle is on a mission to make healthy food a non-negotiable.

Her aim? To “revolutionise the way we are growing food, the way we are using food and the way we are distributing food”. While reforming the food system is no small undertaking, Elle is driving innovation in microgreens in creative ways by sustainably growing and running research and development in microgreens from her production facility in Byron Bay.

According to Elle, “microgreens have up to 40-70 times more nutrients than any other vegetable or leafy green”, with half of a punnet of microgreens having “the equivalent nutrients of 3.5 kilos of store-bought broccoli”. Each punnet is grown on an organic hemp mat, comes in compostable and 100% biodegradable packaging, and ranges from broccoli to sunflower and red clover microgreens.